+250.000.000 Download WhatsApp Plus 2019
There is a lot of talk about WhatsApp Plus but majority of people still have no idea what it is about. It is more of an unsolved mystery. The golden question is that what makes WP Plus different from the normal WhatsApp? Is there even a difference or is it all just the rumors? Here, we will be briefing you about Wasap Plus and what difference is there! Let’s begin.

whatsapp plus Name: WhatsApp Plus APK Download
Version: v7.65 (Latest)
Update: 05.01.2019
Size: 35 MB

So what features does Wasap Plus has to offer to you? Are these features worth deleting the original WhatsApp for? Let’s take a look.

1- Visual Themes:
The most prominent and different feature in WhatsApp Plus is that of visual themes. Visual themes basically set the Plus version apart from the actual WhatsApp and that is the core reason for its creation too. You can completely customize your WhatsApp according to your style and theme and make it a personalized version of your own liking. The themes and styles are installed in WhatsApp Plus beforehand and you get them when you download it. All the themes are free to use and you are not charged for them.

2- New Emoji’s:
WhatsApp Plus has a variety of new emoji’s that you will definitely love. It has the Google Hangout emotions as well. Thus, if you are a fan of emoji’s then WhatsApp Plus is going to please you a lot as it brings a set of attractive and new ones for you. BUT, these emoji’s will only appear for people who have Wasap Plus. Thus, if your friends use it too, then it is a great feature!

3- Edit Everything you want to:

You can edit a lot of things in WhatsApp Plus. It is not just your chat room that can be personalized according to your style; you can simply change almost everything. It allows you to edit the following elements:
》 Color and size of widgets
》 Colors, headers and sizes of chat images
》 Size and appearance of pop up notifications
》 Color of launch icon
》 Disabling functions like voice notes
》 Header and size of contact images

4- Edit File Sharing:
You can edit the size limit of files that you send from 2 to 50 mb. You also get a bunch of other options that allow you to maintain the quality and size of videos and images on WhatsApp Plus. Isn’t that cool?

So is WhatsApp Plus worth it? Is it good enough to wave a goodbye to the original WhatsApp? If you love taking control over things and you like customizing your chats and the way your chat room appears, then WhatsApp Plus is a great option to opt for. It is a great alternative for everyone but it really just depends on priorities.